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Curious what Digital Bytes is all about?

Digital Bytes is all about how you can explore and influence the digital world in which you live. Many teens have inspired/impacted the digital world in a big way...

  • Seniors, known as the West High Bros, make the world a kinder place "one word at a time."
  • One kid inspires imaginations globally with his cardboard magic.
  • Erika used YouTube to take a stand and become a leader in the Dreamer movement.

These teens have found their voices. When is yours going to be heard? Be part of a real conversation and show us what you've got.

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Check out what others have done to get some inspiration.

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Fashion Underworld
Fashion Underworld
created by Radio Rookies
Online Reputation
Online Reputation
created by Radio Rookies
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Now it’s your turn to explore. What will you create and contribute to further expand today’s media menu?

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Haters and Trolls How can you cultivate kindness online? haters Would You #YOLO How can you seize the day in a digital world? yolo Gender and the Media Is your gender shaped by the media? gendermedia Instafamous How do you get famous in 6 seconds? instafamous selector pioneer creator thinker doer
a creator
Entrepreneurship Can you think of a million dollar idea? entrepreneur Copy-Paste Culture Is a remixed idea an original idea? copy Micro-Lingo How has tech changed the way you communicate? microlingo selector creator pioneer doer thinker
a doer
Movers and Shakers Can you make the world better at your age? movers Step Forward Can one individual's effort really make a difference? forward Disconnected Are you maintaining a healthy media diet? disconnected Myselfie, Myself Are you too fixated on getting "likes"? myselfie selector doer pioneer creator thinker
a thinker
Internet Hoaxes Are you easily sold? hoaxes Online Tracking What digital bread crumbs are you leaving? tracking News Literacy Can you believe the news? newslit Selling Out In today's media-rich world, what isn't an ad? sellingout The Power of LIKES What kind of power do your "likes" have? powerlikes selector thinker pioneer creator doer

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Online Tracking
Internet Hoaxes
News Literacy
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